Save up to 70% on Annual
IT Maintenance Costs
NorthSmartIT specializes in providing both OEM and Third
Party Maintenance (TPM) for over 400 (and growing)
technology manufacturers. With our agnostic approach to
OEM and TPM providers we are your unbiased advocate
with expertise in both areas and can deliver annual cost
savings of up to 70%.
  • brocade
  • cisco
  • dell
  • emc
  • hp-servers-storage
  • ibm
  • juniper
  • netapp
  • stroragetek
  • hitachi
  • 3par
  • avaya

The proactive management of IT maintenance and service contracts is an effective and often overlooked area to save money. 

NorthSmartIT has the network to support over 400 technology manufacturers with both OEM and Third Party support. Through the review of maintenance and support options of the individual OEM & TPM's we deliver clear comparisons and will advise on support renew vs. hardware refresh. Our clients see up to 70% savings on annual maintenance costs. 
  • Simplify your service and maintenance contracts
  • Maximize the useful lifecycle of your IT assets 
  • Save money
  • Extend the life of your IT assets 

Cleaning up your maintenance contract mess is a great way to begin proactively managing your portfolio of IT assets. Learn more about our suite of IT Asset Management offerings: 


SmartIT.Lifecycle is our flagship offering containing the complete set of NorthSmartIT ITAM services
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SmartIT.Audit is the critical first step to effective IT Asset Management
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SmartIT.Portal is the backbone of all of the NorthSmartIT Services and is the key to effective ITAM
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SmartIT.Maintenance provides support and both OEM and TPM for over 400 technology manufacturers
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NorthSmartIT enables businesses to easily integrate, automate, monitor, and maintain their inventory of IT assets.

NorthSmartIT IT Asset management service offerings are designed with the specific goal of improving IT and Business outcomes:
  • Reduce spending on IT assets by maximizing their useful lifecycle and save up to 70% annually on service contracts through the NorthSmartIT Support Network
  • Resolve issues quickly and effectively with centralized information about asset configuration and support data.
  • Minimize risk of business disruption through asset classification, clear SLA requirements and sparing

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