EOL vs. EOSL: Why you should know the difference

Jonathan Coleburn, Director of Field Operations   As your IT hardware ages, deciding whether or not it’s time to upgrade your equipment becomes inevitable. The OEM will typically advise you to replace your hardware every 3-5 year dictated by your hardware’s EOL and EOSL. While this might be the typical lifespan from the OEM’s perspective, […]

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Avaya Declares Bankruptcy. Who Can Support You?

Jonathan Coleburn, Director of Field Operations   The Telecommunications company Avaya filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this year. As a result, many businesses with Avaya systems are now asking the question, “What does this mean for me?”. Avaya first began its transition from a hardware to software and services business as a means […]

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NorthSmartIT IT Asset Management service offerings deliver up to 70% savings on maintenance contracts

Plymouth, MN – Northland Systems, a leading provider since 1997 of server, storage, and networking hardware from top manufactures like Cisco, HP, IBM, Sun, Dell, Juniper, NetApp, and EMC announced the launch of NorthSmart IT, a new division focusing on IT asset management as a Service. The NorthSmart IT service offerings will address three areas […]

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