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News / 9.22.2017
Gartner Study Features NorthSmartIT in its report on the Competitive Landscape of Third-Party Maintenance Providers

On July 7, 2017  Gartner published a report that details the growing industry of data center and network maintenance cost optimization. NorthSmartIT was featured as a Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) Provider in the report, which also offered  key insights into the tech industry and how TPM providers have begun to seek partnerships with other providers in server, storage, and network technologies.

Key Report Finding

 “Competitive Landscape: Partnering With Third Party Maintenance Providers for Data Center and Network Maintenance Cost Optimization” outlines several key findings of the Gartner study. As Gartner reports,

“Over the past year, TPM providers are actively acquiring complimentary skills, capabilities and access to new geographies, channels or customers. Private equity has been a major force in the TPM world for rolling up companies.”

The study also found that service providers are beginning to accept the option to partner with TPM providers instead of investing their own capital to develop specific capabilities. As Gartner points out,

“The fastest growing channel for third-party maintenance (TPM) is through commission-based partnerships with the authorized VAR community.”

The report concluded explaining that more and more OEMs are outsourcing to “third-party maintainers. ”

NorthSmartIT Feature

Gartner recognized NorthSmartIT, accurately describing us as a “multivendor IT maintenance aggregator” and discussed how we partner with authorized channel partners to sell OEM maintenance, and with TPMs for non-OEM alternative maintenance.

Along with highlighting NorthSmartIT as a TPM provider, the report also elaborated on some of the specialty services we offer that help businesses better manage their technology assets:

“NorthSmartIT also offers asset management as a service (AMaaS), which provides clients with an automatic, proactive update process of the data in the portal for moves, adds and changes (MACs), as well as service and support options. NorthSmartIT's updating process allows for the ongoing management of assets, contracts, service providers, contract terms and potential cost savings across 400 OEMs on a continual basis.”

Gartner also discussed the rapid growth and change in the third-party maintenance industry and how businesses and OEMs are beginning to see the benefits of working with providers who specialize in optimizing the maintenance on IT equipment for improved performance.

Why this Report Matters

The differences between OEM and third-party maintenance contracts is an important distinction for businesses to understand. While an OEM’s first priority is  to develop and optimize hardware, a TPM provider’s first priority is to optimize their client’s maintenance strategies to minimize cost. TPMs do this with hybrid strategies that combine secondary hardware, OEM-maintenance, OEM-independent TPM, and managed spares. Innovative approaches to maintenance strategies and provider partnerships combined with service automation provide opportunities for businesses.

About NorthSmartIT

NorthSmartIT was formed as a result of their experience with hundreds of companies and thousands of individual technology platforms. We recognize the significant challenges that our customers face with their IT asset management. Along with our resources, processes, and tools, NorthSmartIT offers specialty services to address any business’s most common challenges.

Click here to get the full Gartner report.