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Pre-Existing Support Requirements

Many of the monitoring and management tools required to support the HDS solution require purchasing and in some cases licensing which is to be provided by the customer (excluding Hi-Track which is not a licensed product).

For remote support, both software and hardware escalations require remote access into the device(s) and it to be facilitated by the customer and validated by NorthSmartIT.

Initial pre-support site audit requirements can be provided by the customer or by a NorthSmartIT approved on-site engineer utilizing the latest available GetConfig scripts.

Due to the EOSL of Hitachi machines, standard Hitachi software delivery mechanisms may require customization by either an on-site or remote NorthSmartIT engineer.

A customized support SLA can be generated based upon your maintenance needs and previously existing tools availability (approved HiCommand, DAMP2 and SNM2 software, etc.)

Escalation Support Capabilities 

Utilizing an initial Simple Trace output log from the DF Web GUI and an SNM Data Collection we can determine the best support option and monitoring configurations. 

Storage monitoring and configurations can be performed utilizing DAMP2 or SNM (Storage Navigator Modular) remotely and securely. 

The remote functionality support can be performed by our escalation engineers utilizing the latest version of HiCommand, as available. 

Remedial configuration management support of all device components, both modular and integrated are supported both on-site and remote. 

Professional Services performance tuning and optimizations can also be provided as an additional support option as well.

Remote monitoring capabilities are determined as a part of an initial environmental site auditing and can involve both SNM2 and Hi-Track monitoring data collections.

Additional software level support options i.e. meta LUN creation, modifications and LUSE configuration management on NSC and USP enterprise arrays is available as well. 

Click here to download this PDF document.