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HP Servers & Storage
Click here to download the HP Servers PDF document.
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HP Servers

HP ProLiant Servers
  • HP ProLiant SL, DL, ML, & BL series
  • BL460c, DL20, DL970, DL980 G7, DL380, DL380P, DL480, DL580, HPE SB
HP Itanium
  • HP Integrity rx1600, 1620
  • HP Integrity rx2600, 2620, 2660
  • HP Integrity rx2800 i2
  • HP Integrity rx3600, 6600
  • HP Integrity rx4610, 4640
  • HP Integrity rx5670
  • HP Integrity rx7620, 7640
  • HP Integrity rx8620, 8640
  • HP Workstations: J Class, C Class, B Class, 700 Series
  • HP Integrity Superdome sx1000
  • HP Integrity Superdome sx2000
  • HP Integrity Blade Servers BL860c, 870c, 890c
HP 9000 Servers
  • HP 9000 Workstations 
  • HP9000 A-L-N-class
  • HP 9000 K-class
  • HP 9000 D-class
  • HP 9000 rp3410, 3440, 4410, 4400
  • HP 9000 rp8400, 8420, 8440
  • HP 9000 Superdome PA-RISC
HP Alpha Servers
  • HP DS series
  • HP ES series
  • HP GS series
  • Compaq DS series
  • Compaq ES series
  • Compaq GS series
  • DEC AlphaServer series
  • DEC Server 3000, 5000, 7000 series
  • DEC AXP 2000/3000, 4000, 7000, 10000 Server series 
Legacy Compaq ProLiant
  • BladeSystems C3000, C7000 Enclosures
  • HP 3000 Servers
  • HP 3000 9x7
  • HP 3000 9x8
  • HP 3000 9x9 
  • HP 3000 A-class
  • HP 3000 N-class


EVA Support 

Support Highlights:

  • Highly trained and experienced HP EVA engineering team. All HP EVA hardware components are tested pre-delivery
  • 24/7 monitoring structure utilizing both HP CV and industry proven monitoring utilities 
  • Heavily experienced in EVA event analysis, problem determination and resolution scenarios 
  • NorthSmartIT follows a "Fix Then Find Out" policy for existing HP EVA customers 


Structured Support System:

A multi-tiered support system
  • Remote monitoring software will notify the NorthSmartIT Call Center
  • NorthSmartIT Call Center engages the FE for support
  • NorthSmartIT FE has the flexibility to escalate support as needed
Proactive Support System
  • Regular health checks performed by trained NorthSmartIT 
  • Proactive support can be planned and delivered 
Joint Engagements
  • NorthSmartIT FE can work with escalation team in dual-effort
  • NorthSmartIT can assist escalation






Support Tools: 

Note: HP Command View is a requirement for monitoring HP EVA devices through SMTP monitoring for Hardware and EVA disk groups and events 

  • HP Command View (SMI-S EVA) - for global management and monitoring 

1. Monitoring: System Checks (storage space avail/used, firmware revs. etc.) 

2. Monitoring: Controller Checks (Temp, fan, Host Ports, PWR, MEM, etc.) 

3. Monitoring: Disk Group (Disks, Leveling, Space, Occupancy, etc.) 

4. Monitoring: Shelves (PWR/FAN, Comm/FiberChan Port, Modules, etc.) 

5. Tools: Provides HP EVA MIBS for SMTP monitoring options 

  • EVAPerf - for monitoring enhancements (EVA data collection services, etc.) 

6. Monitoring: Performance Metrics (Replication, Array Status)

7. Monitoring: Virtual Objects (Virtual Disks, Virtual Disk Perf.) 

Support Offerings

Monitoring, Reporting and Support.
HP EVA array environmental monitoring can be provided using the following methods:
Utilizing HP Command View and specific tools by both remote and onsite staff
  • Controller events can be monitored, analyzed and resolution determined
  • Disk events can be monitored, analyzed and resolution determined
  • Port/Array events can be monitored, analyzed and resolution determined
Remediation/Field engineers and/or Escalation engineers
  • Physical analysis and diagnostics of array and both FRU and CRU parts can be performed
  • Resolution and/or replacement of physical parts can be performed
  • Analysis and logistical maintenance of arrays, cables, interconnects and environmental conditions can be performed
Specific Command View Reporting Elements
  • Monitoring of Storage Controllers
  • Monitoring of Physical Disks
  • Monitoring of Storage Groups
  • Monitoring of Disk FC Ports
  • Monitoring of Host FC Ports
  • Monitoring of Data Replication Groups
  • Monitoring of Virtual Disks 

Focused HP EVA Array/Environmental monitoring:

  • Monitoring of Disk failures 
  • Monitoring of Power/Fan failures
  • Sustained/Elevated latencies (cache floods/disk based)
  • Sustained/Elevated latencies (CPU utilization/resources based)
  • Controller/Host port performance 
  • Monitoring of Power/Fan failures
  • Replication issues - Continuous Access (Synchronous and Asynchronous Modes)

Additional Support Options:

  • Standard SMTP monitoring can be provided if licensed utilities/tools are not available (i.e. HP Command View, HP EVA Monitoring Suite/EVAPerf, etc.)
  • Open Source monitoring tools may also be available as a monitoring option if licensed utilities/tools are not available (i.e. ZenOss w/ ZenPack management for HP EVA, etc.)
  • Run Monthly SAN Health reports and document on any anomalies or changes that should be addressed. These include port usage on the SAN Fabric, SFP related problems and overall health of the SAN Fabric environment.
  • Provide an initial EVA assessment that will outline best practices and provide recommendations based on the findings.

Additional Support Notes:

  • Device/Driver/Firmware and software updates (VCS, XCS, etc.) are dependent upon customer's product licensing and download delivery costs as needed. 
  • Remote monitoring and remote support options are dependent upon NorthSmartIT's accessibility to customer environment (VPN, RAS, etc.)
  • Remote notification utilities for alerts/monitoring such as Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE) may require support licensing with HP to utilize, but standard SMTP may be configured as needed without support obligations with HP 
  • IBM SAN Volume Controller interoperability with HP EVA is not supported by NorthSmartIT 
  • Concurrent Maintenance support operations on HP EVA arrays require NorthSmartIT evaluation before engagement
  • Many HP Business Copy EVA operations are considered software/administrative activities and must be reviewed in a case-by-case basis before supported 

Supported EVA Models

Looking for HP 3PAR support? 

Click here to visit our 3PAR support page for more information. 

Click here to download the HP Servers PDF document.
Click here to download the HP Storage EVA PDF document.