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Common SW Issues

  • Disk Bad Label (improperly removed/replaced disk) (most common) 
  • Snapshot out of Space (snapshot Reservation has been exceeded per volume) 
  • No Spares Available (spares pool requires manual zeroing or disks allocated to pool) 
  • Software Configuration Error (sysconfig -c to determine) 
  • NTP Time Sync Mismatch (drift exceeded) 
  • Mailbox Synchronization Error (clustering sync issue) 
  • CPU Performance Bottlenecks 
  • No Available Memory (memory leak or deallocation/possible bad RAM) 
  • Temp. Element Not Available (when element is available, possible revision bug or firmware issue) 
  • FCP Partner Path mis-configured (common if unsupported storage controller card is used or if a single-path cabling issue in a cluster) (least common) 

Common HW Issues

  • Chassis and Shelf 
  • Failed Hard Drive Replacement (most common) 
  • Shelf and Chassis Power Supply/Fan Reseating or Replacement
  • ESH/LRC Module Replacement
  • Shelf and/or Chassis Temperature Issues (bad fan or sensor issue) 
  • Physical Memory Replacement (Chassis RAM)
  • Main Board Replacement
  • NVRAM Battery Replacement
  • Failed Storage Controller Card/Replacement
  • Compact Flash Card Replacement 
  • Loose or Bad Cable Reconnect/Replacement (fairly common with cluster interconnect cable) (least common) 

Devices Supported


F Series (Legacy) - F700 series and aboveNetApp

R200 (NearStore) - All series editions

FAS200 (Entry Level) - All series editions 

FAS900 (Mid-Range) - All series editions 

FAS2000 (Mid-Range) - All series editions 

FAS3000 (Enterprise) - All series editions

FAS3100 (Enterprise) - All series editions

FAS6000 (Enterprise) - All series editions

S & VTL Series (Entry Level) - All series editions 


FC Class (Legacy) - FC9, some DS12 (for F85) 

DS14 - All component types

DS14mk2-FC - All component types

DS14mk2-AT - All component types

DS14mk4-FC - All component types

DS12-ESAS - All component types 

DS20-ESAS - All component types 

Supported IBM N Series Architecture Filers:

F Series (Legacy) - F700 series and above

R200 (NearStore) - All series editions 

FAS200 (Entry Level) - All series editions

FAS900 (Mid-Range) - All series editions


EXN1000 - (2861), EXN4000 - (2863)

Software Tac Support Levels 

Software support is provided in three tiered configurations: 

Tier 1 Software Support - (included Hardware support)

Standard Hardware Support with Remedial OS

  • Remedial Operating System Support which is included with a standard break/fix service contract 
  • This includes any basic administrative OS function, command or configuration that is required to resolve a standard break/fix hardware support issue will be performed.
  • CIFS/NFS setup and configuration
  • Aggregate/volume configuration and creation
  • Cluster command invocation (takeover/giveback)
  • NIC configuration with VIF configuration
  • NDMP setup and configuration
  • Snapshot setup and configuration
  • Initial Filer setup and related configurations (NTP/NIC/SNMP/AutoSupport/Domain/NIS)
  • AutoSupport setup and configuration 

Tier 2 Software Support

  • *All Tier 1/Tier 2 components and products listed include Basic Troubleshooting 
  • *System firmware and software updates are included in this Tier but only if the filer is licensed for software support through NetApp
  • iSCSI initial setup and configuration
  • FCP initial setup and configuration
  • LUN creation/mapping/cloning
  • SnapManager initial setup and configuration
  • SnapDrive initial setup and configuration
  • SnapMirror initial setup and configuration
  • SnapVault initial setup and configuration
  • Password recovery
  • Maintenance Mode command utilization for recovery
  • Cluster mailbox synchronization recovery
  • NearStore initial setup and configuration
  • BMC/RLM initial setup and configuration
  • Syslog analysis 

Tier 3 Software Support 

  • *All Tier 1/Tier 2/Tier 3 components and products listed include Advanced Configuration and Troubleshooting 
  • *System firmware and software updates are included in this Tier but only if the filer is licensed for software support through NetApp
  • MetroCluster setup, configuration and management
  • Deduplication setup, configuration and management 
  • vFiler setup, configuration and management 
Click here to download this PDF document.