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"IT assets are a part of an organization’s intellectual property and therefore part of the organization’s overall value. In addition to the market value of an IT asset, there is value in the information stored on that particular asset."

— International Association of IT Asset Managers, Best Practice Library

SmartIT.Audit Service Offerings

Identifying and inventorying IT Assets is the critical first step to effective IT Asset Management. With our SmartIT.Audit offering, NorthSmartIT will perform an intelligent, tools based inventory of all IT hardware and software assets operating on your network. The initial audit will identify and validate assets and warranties as well as provide physical location and other asset related data, all of which will be uploaded to the SmartIT.Portal.

After initial discovery we work with our clients to set a schedule for reoccurring discovery, audit, and validation to account for ad hoc device adds and changes and keep the inventory current. As part of SmartIT.Audit your NorthSmart team will manage the ongoing audit and discovery activities providing customized reports according to your pre-defined schedule to facilitate approval for the SmartIT.Portal update. Following approval, your NorthSmart team will ensure timely support validation and portal upload.
Following the initial audit a subscription to SmartIT.NetworkMonitoring unlocks enhanced SmartIT service offerings:

SmartIT.Charts - improved network visibility

With SmartIT.Charts NorthSmartIT will improve your network visibility by providing easy to read reports about the key information in your network environment

SmartIT.Events - proactive event management

The NorthSmartIT team will reduce the business impact of network faults and failures by fast-tracking problem resolution resulting in fewer outages and improved performance.

SmartIT.Reports - comprehensive reporting

To provide even greater visibility in to network performance NorthSmartIT will create in-depth reports based on data from SmartIT.NetworkMonitoring including Service Level reports.

SmartIT.Trend - monitor and analyze performance

NorthSmart will measure and analyze the performance of the environment, looking at short and long term trends, and identify resources that are behaving abnormally. We will create actionable activities from identification of resource exhaustion, helping you to rectify performance issues before they occur.