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"IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a formalized set of business practices which manages IT assets across business units within an organization to maximize their value. IT Asset Management merges the financial, inventory and contractual responsibilities to manage the overall life cycle including tactical and strategic decision making to facilitate current and future business operations. The mission of the IT Asset Manager is to maximize benefits while minimizing r isks from IT assets in their organization."

— International Association of IT Asset Managers, Best Practice Library


NorthSmartIT specializes in providing support and both OEM and Third Party Maintenance (TPM) for over 400 (and growing) technology manufacturers. Our agnostic approach to OEM and TPM providers gives you a neutral advocate with expertise in both areas and delivers cost savings of up to 70% on maintenance.

NorthSmartIT has the network to support over 400 technology manufacturers with both OEM and Third Party support enabling review of maintenance and support options on the individual OEM’s. We provide our clients access to transparent comparisons and will advise on support renew vs. hardware refresh allowing for up to 70% savings on annual maintenance costs.

Our unique partner delivery model combines a geographic reach with capabilities greater than any one Service Provider can typically offer.
With over 850 available Depot’s and over 30,000 Field Engineers we are able to provide onsite service and parts in over 150 countries. Additionally, regardless of location, every Field Engineer has a backup who has additional support through the Center of Excellence, which is staffed 24x7.

Through SmartIT.Portal’s single secure log-in on you can globally manage every single asset across every single contract from every single department, whether we’re supporting all or only a portion of your IT footprint.

As part of SmartIT.Lifecycle we will provide you with a cost/value report that provides visibility in to assets that can safely be considered for TPM and which should stay with the OEM’s. The report highlights cost savings differences, down to the asset.

SmartIT.Audit, SmartIT.Portal and SmartIT.Maintenance are integrated components of SmartIT.Lifecycle – our flagship offering containing the complete set of NorthSmartIT Asset Management service offerings that deliver improved IT and Business outcomes:

Reduced spending on IT assets
by maximizing their useful lifecycle and saving up to 70% annually on service contracts through the NorthSmartIT Support Network
Quick and effective issue resolution
with centralized information about asset configuration and support data
Minimized risk of business disruption
through asset classification, clear SLA requirements
Faster Change Management
single log in management of every asset, contract, service provider, and location