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"Software compliance can have a devastating effect on organizations costing millions of dollars every year. Every industry has unique compliance issues and IT Asset Management is key to complying with legislative and regulatory requirements."

— International Association of IT Asset Managers, Best Practice Library

SmartIT.Softcomply Service Offerings

Central to a robust IT Asset Management program, software license management and compliance is a complex and critical component of managing business risk and continuity and improving IT and Business outcomes:
  • Reduce spending on IT assets and service contracts and save up to 70% annually
  • Resolve issues quickly and effectively
  • Minimize risk of business disruption
  • Reduce overhead
Following IAITAM best practices the SmartIT.Softcomply process begins with NorthSmartIT performing an assessment of the software licensing by vendor. We carefully review contract and product acquisition documents, deployment information, and entitlement. Any asset information contained in SmartIT.Portal is included in the discovery and can help facilitate this process. Outcomes of this initial work include:
Effective License Position (ELP)
Provides a gap analysis between entitlement and deployment highlighting entitlement shortfalls, if any.
Cost Benchmark
Enables a negotiation position based on the potential vendor costs and expected discounts that can be used to negotiate discounted licenses to cover any shortfalls in coverage.
After the initial software license assessment and in the event an audit request is received, WorksSmartIT will perform the following:
Audit response
In the initial response NorthSmartIT will ensure that industry specific disclosure documents (HIPPA, BAA, SOX, etc.) are in place to protect the client in the event that information is disclosed to a vendor.
Audit management:
Through the management process NorthSmartIT will negotiate the scope, timeframe and vendor access during the actual audit. Our process also defines the scope and ensures information requests are exchanged in writing and information is managed and shared before a vendor is granted access onsite.
Audit defense:
Includes the full disclosure and understanding of findings, negotiation support and outcome management. The final result of these activities will be positive for both the client and the vendor. Further, the resulting agreement will be forward-looking and provide for long term and continuous compliance.